Beside Maceo Solution is a web/multimedia and I.T. solution company, it is also a social enterprise. It was established to serve the society in a way to build up the disadvantaged people, serving small to medium-sized NGOs and social enterprises in Hong Kong.

We provide them effective and reliable IT services to solve their difficulties at reasonable rates, and save time and money for manpower as well. Their major needs are IT supports, App/Website Development, Internet Marketing, e-Commerce Solutions, IT Consulting, Graphic Design, Video Production, consultancy service and maintenance that we serve generally.

In June 2020, Maceo has been officially verified by GCSE (General Chamber of Social Enterprises Hong Kong) as an Incubating Member of totally 80 Current Accredited SEs project until now.

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  • e-Newsletter Promotion
  • Comply with Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (UEMO from OFCA Hong Kong & Draft of Abusing Commercial Electronic Mail Management Act in Taiwan)
  • Lower cost compare with postal mail with printed matter
  • Provide analysis report
  • Automated email delivery and contacts management save manpower
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